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The Worlds Smallest Water Filter in a Straw, reduces such heavy metals as lead, mercury, hydrogen sulphide, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, and barium, in addition to chlorine, algae, fungus, scale, and sediment. A small water filter in a straw, it's a portable water filter you can carry in your pocket!



Great for travel! Take it with you where ever you go! Comes with an easy to carry holder.



The CLEAN SIPTM straw is truly a welcome addition to health conscious individuals who prefer to drink fresh clean water anywhere, anytime! Great for the home, office, restaurants, hotels, or travel. Itís as simple as a sip through a straw! Itís long lasting, too! 


The CLEAN SIPTM straw will treat approximately five 8-ounce glasses of water a day for up to four to six months depending on the condition of the water.


*Effectively reduces contaminants from municipally treated water. Not intended for any other type of liquids.




Ever heard of Bacteria growth in water filters? This CLEAN SIPš straw is BACTERIOSTATIC - Bacteria cannot grow or survive in the filter media!


The Clean Sip straw uses a combination of 3 micro filters, activated charcoal, and a patented, high purity metal alloy consisting of two dissimilar metals that, once wet, creates an electrostatic charge that attracts contaminants and electroplates them onto the media through the process of electro-Chemical Oxidation Reduction.


The non-toxic, patented, Copper/Zinc media inside the straw acts like millions of little batteries giving off electrical charges. These ionic charges ionically transform molecules and heavy metals into insoluble salts which are then electroplated onto the media, thereby removing them from the water through the process of Electro-Chemical Oxidation Reduction. Effectively removes contaminants from municipally treated water. Not intended for any other type of liquids.



Take it with you to the races!



1-Micro Filter
2-Patented Media
3-Activated Charcoal

One Clean Sip Straw Only $13.50 Plus $3.75 shipping and handling. 

Two Clean Sip Straws for $26.00 Plus $4.00 shipping and handling.

Three Clean Sip Straws for $38.00 Plus $4.50 shipping and handling.

Five Clean Sip Straws for $60.00 Plus $5.50 shipping and handling.

Wholesale pricing 12 Clean Sip Straws. Only $129.00 Plus $8.00 shipping and handling.

For larger quantities and Acrylic Display Units email for pricing.



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